Longmont CO 3 somes

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Engage Longmont is our new online engagement platform! The City of Longmont encourages and welcomes its residents to be involved in all aspects of city government. Getting involved begins with a click.

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Visit Engage Longmont and click on what interests youand get started today. Vrain Valley. Long le an expedition for the U. Topographical Engineers along the South Platte, draws first maps of region. Trappers begin to call it St. Vrain's creek. Allen moves his partially completed cabin from east of Boulder to the St. Vrain valley, near the confluence of St. Vrain and Left Hand creeks. Overland Stage route is modern U. Residents of Burlington move themselves and most of the buildings to Longmont, about a quarter mile north.

The downtown is rebuilt in brick. Empson opens the J. Empson Cannery in Longmont, canning peas and other vegetables. Penney opens a meat market on Main Street. After failing in this business, he worked for T. Callahan's Golden Rule Store in Longmont.

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Ultimately, Penney would set up a Golden Rule Store in Kemmerer, Wyoming that would be the beginning of his retail empire. The original Pumpkin Pie Days were held from Soon renamed the Great Western Sugar factory, it played a vital role in farming and the development of Longmont. The Masonic Temple would be rebuilt. Vrain river, providing reliable electric power to its residents. Also, the greatest snow in the history of the area occurs.

Local voters elect a Klan-aligned majority in the Longmont City Council.

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The Council begins ousting longtime City officials and replacing them with Klan members. Our hope is that by doing so we can prevent this type of hatred from returning in the future. Production of Gibson tractors ceases, however, in Subsequent investigations showed that it was brought down by a bomb in a suitcase. The Kuner-Empson cannery closes. Herner was later acquitted of manslaughter charges.

The aftermath of this tragedy led to massive changes in police training and to the founding of El Comite, an organization focused on building connections in the community. Sitemap Contact Translate this .

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Longmont CO 3 somes

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