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Some celebrities are remembered for a role or for a huge career moment. Others actually are remembered for their facial hair. Which is better? Who can say? Those who have shaved off their iconic look, or have passed on, are still eligible for this list. The only people being excluded are athletes, who will hopefully get their own list some day. When you think beards in music, you probably think of ZZ Top. Funnily enough, the member of ZZ Top without big, bushy facial hair? His name is Frank Beard. The iconography of Chaplin, one of the first movie stars, is burned into our memory.

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Can you imagine a clean-shaven Galifianakis? His facial hair is a little wild, but it stands out as a staple of his look. Elliott has been rocking a mustache forever. In his day-to-day life, Offerman has some great facial hair. Downey was famous, and infamous, for many years sans facial hair. Then he got the role of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Stark had a pretty distinct goatee. Next thing we, and he, knew, the Marvel movies blew up.

Downey played Stark for over a decade, with the goatee along for the ride. The story was so absurd that it made entertainment headlines. Some of that is his long, flowing hair. So for the entire run of the show, he simply painted over his mustache with his Joker makeup. It became weirdly iconic in its own way. He had the inch pythons, which were perfect for ripping shirts. There was also his handlebar mustache, which has been blonde, dyed or otherwise, forever.

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Well, there was also the time when he was Hollywood Hogan in the New World Order, and he dyed parts of his mustache black. That was weird. Sideburns are part of facial hair, especially when they get particularly out there. Jackman became famous for playing Wolverine, aka Logan, in many an X-Men film. As Wolverine, at least at first, he had sideburns that would put an s politician to shame. He was the guy with the distinct goatee that was dyed various different colors over the years. Zappa was an iconoclastic musician, mixing irreverent, juvenile humor with an affinity for orchestration and elaborate arrangements.

He also had the same facial hair for basically his entire career. There was his mustache and then a little patch of hair on his chin. That is the Zappa look. When Brimley passed away recently at the age of 85, he was still rocking the mustache. Rivera would probably prefer we remember him Blonde Memphis out mustache his mustache. After all, what else would we remember him for?

His role in creating sensationalist daytime television? His work as a Fox News talking head? No, the mustache is probably the highlight of his career. He marches to the beat of his own drum. Anybody who has seen his films knows that. Should we count Marx? His famous mustache was painted on, after all.

The facial hair of Walter White changed through the years, but every time it became iconic. Then as White grew into his role as Heisenberg the drug kingpin, he had a goatee.

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After things fell apart, he grew a beard that was a true surprise when it was revealed. Bridges is one of those actors who always feels like himself in his roles. As he grew into an adult, the facial hair came in.

Not many music producers are instantly recognizable. Rubin is though. In he was called the most important producer of the last 20 years by MTV. What makes him so visibly recognizable, though, is the massive beard he has sported since he first became a known name. You can follow him on Twitter ChrisXMorgan.

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