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Terry Virts ret served as a U. In he directed his first film, One More Orbit. His second book, How to Astronautcontinues to amass excellent reviews.

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He is currently involved in several film and television projects, serves on corporate boards, consults to the entertainment industry, writes and promotes public policy. Virts worked with Russian Space Agency cosmonauts during some of the most stressful U. While in space he took more thanphotos — more than on any other space mission.

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He brings his unique perspective to businesses worldwide on diverse topics such as our environment, global wealth, intercultural leadership, crisis and risk management, innovation, strategy and vision and decision making. I was an astronaut. We need a Space Force. Op-ed: The Deep Space Gateway would shackle human exploration, not enable it.

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Space Odyssey: The next intergalactic battleground? Astronaut snaps out-of-this-world views of Earth. Former astronaut criticizes lunar gateway plans - Time.

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And That's Just the Beginning - Arstechnica. A space corps in the U. He found photography to be a source of great pleasure in orbit, and it shows. Virts took a NASA recordphotos during his six and a half months on the station, many looking down at Earth from the windowed cupola that his STS shuttle crew attached to the station in He remembers specific places by their colors. Floating through the modules one day, he hears birds chirping, and finds cosmonaut Misha Kornienko listening to recordings of bird sounds sent up by Russian psychologists.

For most of us, space travel will always be done by proxy — something we experience only through the journeys of others. Thanks to Virts, however, that second-hand experience feels more first-hand than it ever has before. You will not be able to put this away on a shelf easily.

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Few people get the experience of seeing the world from outer space — and no one has taken as many pictures of Earth from above as Terry Virts. Celebrated NASA astronaut, pilot of the space shuttle, crew member on Soyuz, and commander of the International Space Station, Virts has spent more than days in space — and very few of those days went by without his reaching for his camera.

The colors, shapes, details — and the stories they tell — are endlessly fascinating. So much so, that the photographs that fill the s of his new book represent less than one tenth of one percent of Married but looking Virts the photos he took in space. And that was just from one of his two flights to the International Space Station. Virts does more than describe colors in View From Above, his book about his experiences on the shuttle and the International Space Station. Like many others who have flown in space, Virts writes that the spaceflight experience had changed him. Although framing images of specific places on Earth was always tempting, as well a challenging, Virts preferred to take more artistic shots that place Earth in its actual context — a planet floating alone in space.

About Colonel Terry Virts. Video Interviews:. Print Media:.

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Q&A with Astronaut Terry Virts