Women want sex Emma

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I had the chance to have a phone conversation with Natalie Andrewsa sex and relationship therapist, to address a few things that we, as women, deal with daily! Natalie is cool, calm, and collected while being open and compassionate about some of our collective sex struggles. Interview by Emma Willig. Photo provided by Kortnee Kate. Marriage, family, and sex counseling all fill that gap. The most common is definitely low libido — women feeling uninterested in having sex with their partner.

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We already talked about low sexual desire, and while it is most common, I know that women have isolating feelings about that. Another big one is sexual pain or dyspareunia. You have to advocate for yourself, always!

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Our bodies change over time, along with our thoughts and ideas about sex and sexuality. Allow that change to happen and evolve with it. See how you feel now, perhaps even just add modifications because you know your preferences. It flips the narrative that men are the ones with higher or more sexual drive.

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When we are young and overthinking things, it can be tough to get out of that bubble. There is no right or wrong way to have sex as long as there is consent. Have fun and make time for each other. Continue learning and exploring all the things about your person.

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Too many to count! But, I have to say, my little sister. She had a natural birth and now has a beautiful 9-month-old and runs her own business. She does all kinds of things and is one of the strongest women that I know. Look no further — these women do it all with knowledge and compassion. Community Mix is our monthly hodge-podge of content from the voices of a hodge-podge of beautiful Cincinnatians.

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Back Give Merch Sponsor. What would you say is the most common problem for women seeking sex therapy? Is there anything in particular women feel they are the only ones experiencing?

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Yes, yes, yes! Alright, what about a pearl of wisdom for us? Sex is about being authentic. Do you! What is your favorite piece of advice you have gotten over the years, whether in sex or relationship building? Such needed reminders! I need to remember the mind reader piece for many aspects of my life. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Likes.

Women want sex Emma

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