Looking for girls who like trucks and want to model

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Every kid has their own obsessions. Dolls, plushies, dinosaurs, remote controls, cell phones — they might have a toy box with a wide range of playthings to keep them entertained, but there's a firm favorite they always reach for first.

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Researchers call this phenomenon "extremely intense interests" EIIsand have found that they start to emerge at around 18 months of age and are evident in around a third of preschool-aged children. For lots of children, maybe even your own, this obsession revolves around cars.

And although the sex divide in the toy world remains, it's not only little boys who are drawn to all things with wheels.

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My month-old daughter and her treasured red bus is testament to this. From agechildren are in the sensorimotor stage of development, explains Alyssa Wilkinsa music therapist who specializes in early childhood development and the treatment of children with autism. Kids can interact with toy cars, trucks, etc. Plus, kids are just naturally drawn to loud, moving objects — it's all fun sensory input. Another appeal of toy vehicles is that they're typically small enough to fit in 's hand. A car is also a cause-and-effect toy — it teaches children that their actions can make something happen.

The benefits of toy cars are numerous, then.

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Experts agree they should be part of both boys' and girls' play environments. And above all, they're fun. While every toy car has the same basic parts, how your child plays with it depends on their unique characteristics, and nobody knows exactly what is at the root of a kid's individual play style. For instance, one child might "drive" their cars into the wall, another might line them up, bumper to bumper, and another might wrap them in a blanket.

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Every child is unique in how they engage with toys, and the reasons for their play style may be diverse and complex. However, children often interact with materials in similar ways to how their families interact with them. Some children seek sensory engagement from their toys in different ways.

Ultimately, how your kid plays with their toy vehicles could be a little window into what regulates or excites them. Want more essential commentary and analysis like this delivered straight to your inbox? Illustrated iStock. September 4, So what's the big deal about cars, trucks, trains, and buses?

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Looking for girls who like trucks and want to model

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