Could have been so hot

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Minnesota averages 13 degree-plus days each year, and this year, the state is already at It was the second hottest June in Minnesota on record. He points to a weather pattern that brought in a persistent flow of air from the south and southwest much earlier than normal.

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Then, add in an unusually sunny June and drought conditions that could have bumped up temperatures a few degrees. Minnesota DNR Senior Climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld agrees, saying when climatologists try to determine whether events can be tied to climate change, they look at whether this has ever happened before and are events like this becoming more common. In late June, Portland hit degrees, setting record-high temperatures for three days in a row. Augustyniak says that when the average temperature overall increases — even slightly — more extreme heat becomes exponentially possible.

According to NOAA predictions, Minnesota should expect double to triple the of above degree days by mid-century.

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The IRS will soon begin sending advance Child Tax Credit payments, but the arrival date may depend on how your last stimulus check or tax refund arrived. Minnesota Weather.

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We have rain on the way. The bad news? We could be dealing with severe weather at times in parts of Minnesota. Tuesday in the metro area and southern Minnesota.

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The state climatology office can't predict what will happen in July and August but hot, early summers tend to be associated with the rest of the summer being above normal. A majority of the state is declared to be in a moderate or severe drought.

The Minnesota Wild adopted the golden retriever about a year ago from a rescue organization. And Which Sunglasses Work Best? The definition of "Up North" depends on where you are. Often, it's defined from the Twin Cities' point of reference. We love our green lawns in Minnesota. According to a survey from the Metropolitan Council, more than 40 percent of people with sprinkler systems in the metro area water their lawns every other day.

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So, why has it been so hot? More from Heather Brown.

Could have been so hot

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Climate change: Summers could become 'too hot for humans'