Adult friends Hoboken New Jersey

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We always make an effort to respond to each and every one of you — but sometimes we miss one or two. Apologies if that is so! One popular question we often get is where to make friends and meet new people in and around town. Keep reading to find out where to make friends and meet new people in Hoboken. Luckily, with the plethora of fun activities and exciting events, there are a ton of ways to meet some new friends. Now on to the important bit — where to meet and mingle with locals.

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Check out where and how below:. They support the improvement of women in the workplace and would be a great group to get involved in. Just make sure they are not trying to majorly relax and recharge, lolz because beenthere.

Find a bar you like and park it there, SOLO.

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Get a Dog. Come to Hoboken Girl Socials! Check our Instagram to stay up to speed on upcoming events.

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a Meetup Group for an interest of yours. There are a lot of groups on Meetup. The world is your oyster, depending on your interest. Go to Jersey City. And considering half our readership is there, we. Read our Events Guide posts to stay up-to-date.

Every week, we post a round-up of the best of Hoboken, Jersey City, and beyond events going on every weekend and during the week — some of which are great for making new friends. Zog Sports. Beyond Zog, check out other local intramural clubs that can be found locally here. Hoboken Ski Club. Snow bunnies, this one is for you, as the Hoboken Ski Club is a great way to meet local skiers and snowboarders who love to have fun on the slopes.

Check out Hoboken Girl Helps.

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Our charity-focused group shares volunteer opportunities for events, fundraisers, and non-profits in Hudson County. Volunteering is always a positive way to get engaged in the community and make a difference. We have almost 6, members and counting! Hope that helps. Hoboken residents weigh in — how did you meet new people when you first moved to town? Have a question for us? hello hobokengirl.

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Jen is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of HobokenGirl. With deep entrepreneurial roots in Hudson County — as her grandparents owned textile businesses on Tonnelle Ave in North Bergen dating back to the 50s — she started the site as a Hoboken resident to discover the amazing things happening in the area. When not planning the next Hoboken Girl event or HobokenGirlHelps volunteer project, she can usually be found shopping at local boutiques, eating an Insta-worthy meal, walking her two pups, or watching Bravo TV and ordering takeout with her husband.

While we are busy covering all things Hudson County sometimes we need a little help catching mistakes. Feel free to send us an at hello hobokengirl. The Hoboken Girl. Where to Meet and Mingle Now on to the important bit — where to meet and mingle with locals.

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Adult friends Hoboken New Jersey

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