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A by high school students, for high school students What to do when "Vi r? The sparks are starting to fly, and you start calling each other, maybe even venturing out into the wide world of central low a entertainment options. The relationship is going f I I 1 1 n well, but you are not RelAtioNshiPs ssw A friend casually asks, "Hey, what is up with you and fill in hisher name here? What is up?! Read the following carefully, because if you tell a friend you're only "talking" and shelie thinks you two are "going out," you've got a problem. Talking The first stage is ident ified by a lot of.

On the telephone, at school, at work, wherever. You could easily "talk" to more than one person, or there are those of us who struggle to "talk" to anyone.

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Personally, 1 talk to my cat sometimes just so 1 can tell friends I'm talking to someone Seeing each other I ask my friends how their romantic lives are doming, and they tell me, "Oh, I'm seeing Jenny. At this point, you might be seeing each other a little more often, hanging out together every other weekend or so.

Public affection shouldn't be creeping into your relationship quite yet, though you might want to hold. Dating Zfrl. This is the one that confuses adults. They ask if ; v ; i'm dating someone, and if I say yes they want to -1, know all about her, like we're married. Sure, the. Public kissing or constant i hand-holding isn't out of the question, though.

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It's a committed relationship; your special someone is a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend. The advice I have on this one ' 'ls, don't get caught going out on a date by the.

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The break-up 7 " Eventually, most of us will break up. I'm all for. You I tan look at it three ways: 1. You're free! Meet new people! Have fun! Play Scrabble with your 'barents! Your life is spiraling downward. You have it nobody to call your own. You should move to the - lulls and live the life of a hermit. Maybe play " ' Scrabble with your imaginary friend, Sally. Simply another step to a new beginning 1 soon you'll be talking to someone new, starting the 11 relationsliip cycle all over again. Get together with f some friends and a few people you don't know for a ' lively Scrabble game.

Maybe the person you're arguing with over whether "oriel" is a word could be the next one for you. Seventy percent is who you know and 30 percent what you can do.

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Well, I've done some research for you. Here are some things to do that you may have nevfcr thought of if I hadn't been here to tell you. Second St. Bill Springer, the instructor and station manager of Des Moines' Central Campus radio station, KDIS, said 75 percent to 80 percent of liis students go on to study in the radio field.

Senior Matt Jolly of Valley has worked with KWDM for four years and hopes his experience and transferable credit will give him an edge. It sounds stupid, but I've always wanted to do it. Several students have earned positions at commercial stations. They were able to get the jobs through their connections in the Central Campus radio department.

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The student-run aspect of both stations allows for a relaxed atmosphere but demands self-discipline. Metro Ice Sports Facility, 72nd St. Fridays; 2 p. Go downtown on Friday and Saturday nights and race against the hot rod buffs of Central Iowa. The losers buy the winners' gas. Friday and Saturday; noon-8 p. Friday; 8 a. Saturday Java Joe's Coffeehouse, 4th St. Monday-Thursday; a. Friday and Saturday; 9 Datehookup Des Moines Iowa 26 f.

Kelli Brown, 17, is a senior ul Johnston Iliylt School. Corsages and boutoiuiieres are a must-have. An elegant dinner at one of your favorite fine restaurants will make a priceless recollection of the evening. Reservations are a great idea, and back-ups are lifesavers. Prom can definitely be an expensive event but, regardless, the memories you are left with are priceless. Jenelle Thompson, 1"is a freshman ut Douiiny Iliylt Scltoul. The senate was organized last fall by Zachary Nunn, a senior from Southeast Polk. The schools themselves were unwilling to organize such a committee, so Nunn took the initiative to create the senate.

He contacted izzzxzzznzih student council advisers at all the Central Iowa Metropolitan League schools for recommendations of students who would be candidates. Roosevelt senior Eric Adelman said, "It is a great way to meet others and see what other schools are doing. The Val Air is the bomb! Any high school student who lives in Des Moines or a suburb is welcome to attend. Next meeting: 5 p. March 16 at the Roosevelt High School library. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial.

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Datehookup Des Moines Iowa 26 f

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