Wm seeking petite San Francisco California f

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Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs. Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. All he needs now is the political will to fund them. By Vince Bielski. The trials of Ken Kelley: When journalist Ken Kelley wrote that Huey Newton confessed to killing one woman and ordering the death of another, he thought he was just setting the record straight.

But he found himself facing death threats and a major First Amendment battle. President, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas is a powerful revolutionary force in Mexico. By Saul Bloom. By Tim Redmond.

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The right to offend. Letters: United Way: Funding diversity. Another idealist for quake marshals. By Misha Berson. By Rita Felciano. By Steve Warren. By Craig McLaughlin. By Jim Balderston. By Heather Mackey. 9. By Jean Tepperman. Will Russonielio run?

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M repeal debate. The Mission Bay delay. By Laura Fraser. By Isadora Aiman. By Janet Hazen. By Zena Jones. By Kurt Wolff. By Regina Kelly. By Stephen Share. By Gina Arnold. By Kurt Woiff. Consolidate in one of Ambiente's sturdy white bookcases. At Rincon Towers, we offer o limited of apartments of below market rate for those whose income meets specific qualifications. Among the luxury amenities offered ore valet parking and a private entrance, not to mention the finest array of restaurants and retail stores, literally a few steps away ot Rincon Center.

Please call to see how you quolily. Equal Housing Opportunity. Even Herb Caen has begun to acknowledge that oP Bob Lurie may have been bluffing us all, that the downtown stadium may have been all a big hoax, that the Giants aren't leaving San Francisco and Candlestick park any time in the immediate future.

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In his Nov. Lukenbill turns out to be a business associate of Angelo Tsakopoulos, the political patron and close friend of Mayor Art Agnos. Nobody has yet pointed out any flaws in our suggestion — that the mayor's pro-ballpark campaign may actually have set the whole thing up, made Lukenbill the fall guy in the hopes of driving liberal voters away from the No on P camp.

At the very least, he may have tipped off Tsakopoulos and thus the Agnos team of his No on P contribution, which gave the pro-ballpark campaign staff time to turn it to their advantage. Did Agnos or any of his staff ever discuss the situation with Tsakopoulos? Why would Lukenbill be trying to undercut the agenda of his partner's old Friend and political ally?

What did the mayor know, and when did he know it? We'll let you know as soon as we get a reply. Subscriptions avaiteOle at per year. Re- produeflw or usewiiboot pemiESSion issiricily pnhltftea. Some are one-of-a-kind, discontinued, demos, and factory refurbished units. We're talking a smorgasbord of ridiculously low prices on trucklo of items in hi-fi, video, car stereo, portables, telephones, fax machines, d.

To put substantial resources into education, job training, child care, recreation, community health programs.

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That give people hope. The hard way is slow, painful, fairly expensive — and in the long term, it works. The easy way is flashy, popular, extremely expensive — and ultimately doomed to failure. Across the country, politicians are choosing the easy way, and tens of thousands of kids are going to suffer for it.

But thus far, Mayor Agnos has not shown he has the leadership — or the backbone — to make the programs work on a large scale. In one frame, the cops are crawling around in undercover disguises that fool nobody, busting the occasional low-level crack dealer and a lot of he. The kids have few r role models, save for the up-and-coming entrepreneurs of the drug trade, who drive fancy cars, wear nice clothes and carry big w of cash in their pockets. The Alice B. Only part of that comes from the city, the rest from private foundations and charities.

The ones who really need the legal guarantees of free speech embodied in the U. Words are powerful. Art Agnos, the social-worker mayor, seems to understand that cops, courts and jails aren't the best solution to the crack epidemic. Last year, the mayor formed a community-based task force to seek alternatives — and he vowed to find the funds to support and expand any new programs that worked. Even Police Chief Frank Jordan said at the time that law enforcement was only about 25 percent of the solution.

The money could come from new revenues — special taxes, for example. The city of Hayward took that approach. Griffiths Center. A budget is a statement of priorities. In San Francisco, the budget refleas, to a great extent, what the mayor thinks is important, and what he is willing to ignore.

Even in San Francisco, most people seem to think that the answer to drugs and crime is to put more cops on the street.

Wm seeking petite San Francisco California f

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