In town for a couple nites and want a connection

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure for full details. Up late tonight? Work different schedules? For whatever reason, you and your ificant other are looking for some great late night date ideas. Second, maybe the two of you are just night owls. There are so many activities you can try together, both at home and out and about. Looking for romance in the wee hours of the morning? Try one of these 45 cute late night adventures.

I am a big fan of the midnight picnic. I did this a few times in college with friends and it was a blast. Supplies for the midnight picnic: Blanket Twinkly lights Plastic wine glasses. This is a good last-minute late night date idea. If you find yourselves up late, flipping through the tube, create a silly bingo you can play with late-night TV tropes. Make up the squares yourself and then have fun competing to win. Some ideas for bingo spaces: cheesy infomercial, jazz music, terrible made-for-tv movie. Would you like some bacon on this late night date?

I bet both you and your partner would! Not in the mood to make your own breakfast? Head out to pay a visit to a local hour diner.

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Pick up a few choice bottles and be sure to pick out something neweven if they are cheap, and then discuss their flavor notes together. Of all the fun things to do late at night, stargazing may be the most simple and romantic. Ideally, you live somewhere with little light pollution that allows for an unobstructed view of the night sky, but if not, you can use a stargazing app to help you see where the constellations are. You get to feel like kids, get comfy, build something unique, and have a great time doing it. When is the last time the two of you enjoyed a night out listening to some live music?

Chances are good there is a spot in your local area that has some fun bands and musicians taking the stage. Want to have a different sort of date night? Look for something new in terms of what music genre you attend.

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What about jazz? Tunes at an Irish pub? You can always shake things up with something new and unfamiliar. Why not use date nights to make the most of your existing talents? Could the two of you be the next viral YouTube stars? As kids, sleepovers are the best. They make for awesome late night date ideas as adults, too, especially with someone you love. For this date, plan to play truth or dare, pop popcorn, and tell ghost stories. The blanket fort is a must for this one. Many bowling alleys offer special late opening times or even a different theme of bowling after dark, where the balls, pins, and other elements begin to glow with neon hues.

Just pop over to Google and search for some couples quizzes on your next late night date. You can do this in-home date idea at any hour of the day or night, but late night is especially fun because it lends itself so well to lighting tons of candles. At-home spa date supplies: Massage oil Face masks Pure Moods. This date idea and the DIY spa night go together well to make a perfect evening of late night date ideas. This one is simple: slip into a tub full of bubbles together! We always recommend focusing on a romantic atmosphere, too.

All you need are some candles, some music, and, ideally, some champagne. And late night conversations can be some of the best and most memorable. Need inspiration for what to talk about? Check out our conversation starters for couples to keep your conversation going til the wee hours of the morning. Grab a map, some guidebooks, and your most adventurous dreams, and plan an incredible vacation.

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Perhaps a round-the-world trip you will take together? Have you thought about camping in your own backyard? Backyard camping is a highly underrated activity. In the privacy of your own yard you can set up the ultimate camping experience without any fear of bears. Setting goals as a couple is awesome. And what better way is there to do this than to create your own couples bucket list? The best thing about at home date nights is that there is not necessarily a dress code. PJs, undies…. You can make these at home, like brownies, ice cream sundaes, or whatever, or pick them up as a to-go order from your favorite restaurant.

In this way, you can combine a fancy date night idea with the comfort of spending time together in your skivvies. Sounds like bliss to me. No problem. As a bonus, you can eat whenever you want. Do you have a fireplace? Take advantage of that wonderful amenity by relaxing together and just enjoying the quality time. There are so many classic movies to enjoy, and they are classics for a reason. Pick one that neither of you has ever seen. Or, hoose a few films to screen together and have a classic movie marathon. You can even make an event out of this date night idea: dress up in some of your swankiest outfits and research some vintage snack recipes you can whip up.

In the mood to hit up the bar? You could also consider taking a weekend getaway to a nearby city. Find the places that stay open and make sure to book a comfy hotel to head back to at the end of your romantic evening out.

If all else fails, you can play hood game of MASH to see how your future might turn out. Early morning counts as late night, too! Your date can continue into the morning! One of the easiest things to do late at night? But better than a midnight fridge raid is a trip to your favorite fast food spot. I recommend savoring your food while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. Bring out your inner artist with some paper and pencil. Who knows, you just might come up with a work of art! Why not take this date night and plan for some other date ideas?

You can write some creative and romantic ideas down on scraps of paper, then put them in a jar. In the warmer months of the year, a spot of outdoor swimming is lovely. Add this to your list of summer date ideas. If you have a backyard swimming pool, this is super easy to do, but otherwise, a lake is a good choice.

If you have privacy, I highly recommend skinny dipping. What a beautiful and romantic summer memory! Doing some yoga with your partner will make the two of you super chill, not to mention more flexible! The best late night date ideas are sometimes the simplest. Hop into your hammock and swing together while you look up at the stars.

The billiards are calling! Head to the pool halls, seek out the social lounges. You and your partner are going to play a serious game of pool. Depending on where you In town for a couple nites and want a connection to go to play, you may have to plan to arrive a bit early.

Who needs technology? Whip out a novel from your local or home library and take turns reading aloud to one another. Why not spook each other a bit? The late night is an ideal time to swap your scariest ghost stories. A late night walk with your partner is a really lovely way to spend an evening. Shopping in the middle of the night is so bizarre.

Have you ever stepped into a fluorescent-lit Price Chopper after midnight? Trust me. But when explored with your partner by your side, such an oddball excursion turns into a fun late night adventure.

In town for a couple nites and want a connection

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