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in. Even m ore so than men, some would argue. However, as science beings to come to terms with female incompatibility to monogamy, I personally seem incapable of following the trend. The sex drive is there, but so is the desire to first get comfortable with someone before becoming physical — and the fact that I seem incapable of getting one-night stands right.

For a while, I wanted to want casual sex, especially right after my divorce. Jen Kirkman is right, divorce horniness is a bitch. With that in mind, post-divorce me set out to attempt to have a one-night stand. And it was kind of awkward. Allow me to elaborate.

I hooked up with a college friend Casual sex wanted couple of times, but only because I thought we were on our way to becoming more than friends. Only I was wrong, and he broke my heart by getting into a committed relationship with someone else before my side of the bed was even cold. Also back in college, I had an ex-boyfriend whom I Casual sex wanted only call when I was horny. The funny thing about that particular relationship is that we only started having sex about a month after we were no longer officially dating.

It was a mess, to say the least. So, after I got divorced, my framework for how to do casual sex was a bit wonky. I wanted to have sex, true, but I also wanted to be held. Above all, I wanted to be wanted. I missed having a man who wanted me in his bed, not just for sex, but for comfort and company. I missed feeling safe as much as I missed feeling desired. But I told myself that casual sex with a complete stranger was what I wanted. It was definitely what I wanted to want. So I got a date with a guy I had just met.

He was sweet, and interested, keeping up a conversation and pacing his alcohol consumption to mine — I guess he figured it was ungentlemanlike to allow me to get drunker than him, which would be impossible in the first place since he was 6'4", lbs.

We eventually made our way to his place and got to making out. That was it. I was about to have sex with a guy I barely knew, and then never see him again for the first time in my life. I have a few theories as to why.

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Having sex with only one person for 7 years got me used to a certain routine. Sex with my ex-husband was actually very satisfying, but we would definitely perform about the same set of motions every time. Talk about muscle memory. I was nervous.

A first time with a new partner is already intimidating enough as is, with everything there is to discover about each other, but a one-night stand is another level of pressure. Perhaps the trick to getting through a one-night stand is to focus on being average. Being either too good or too bad makes you memorable, so you might as well not risk becoming a bad memory by trying too hard to become a good one.

That night, I didn't feel like I needed to become memorable either way. So that night, mediocre and Casual sex wanted suited me just fine. Even so, I was often paralyzed by my nervousness. To be fair, he didn't squeeze — his touch was as light as a feather, and brief. Regardless, the thought that he could have choked me was enough to make me terrified. The one advantage of being a girl: you can just sort of lay there. And eventually, it was over. Muscle memory, again, tried to trick me.

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Was I supposed to leave right then, or give it five minutes not to be rude? Home, however, was the last place I wanted to go. Should I pretend to pass out until morning? So I manifested my confusion out loud.

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Yes, pathetically like that. The good thing about that night is that it felt rejuvenating. I felt as unexperienced as a 19 year-old. That stuff was so new to me I was actually in need of instructions. He said I was welcome to stay over, and we settled in to sleep.

Another strange thing, falling asleep next to someone new, in a strange bed. We had just had sex, but I didn't feel comfortable enough to let our bodies touch while sleeping.

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Especially since after I left his place I never had another one. I wanted to want the thrill of exploring an unknown body, but I realize I wanted the confidence of knowing my way around a familiar one. I wanted to want enough detachment to leave after it was over, but I realized I wanted the comfort of knowing to stay without having to ask.

I wanted to not want to leave at all. Get started. Open in app. Tesia Blake. in Get started. Get started Open in app. I Wanted to Want Casual Sex. But one-night stands never worked out for me.

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Casual sex wanted

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I want a casual hookup, not a relationship – how do I say that on Tinder?