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The stress — both physical and emotional. The relentless demands.

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When it comes to emergency service workers, there are no other jobs quite like them. It comes as no surprise that to even be considered for these jobs, you have to pass rigorous fitness tests that leave most office-dwellers flailing. Remember the beep test?

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Well, fire fighters, paramedics, and lifeguards, you own it. One measure, the metabolic equivalent of task or MET test, gives the nod to fire fighters. One MET is defined as the amount of oxygen consumed while sitting, and it seems that fire fighters in action consume quite a bit. US researchers have found that general fire fighting duties equals 12 METs, while climbing a ladder in full gear rates 11 and hauling hoses on the ground gets an eight.

Police, on the other hand, score two for driving a squad car, 1.

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Of course, the MET measure is only looking at one area of exertion and doesn't provide a complete picture. With both requiring above-average levels of aerobic and cardiovascular fitness. No matter what part of emergency services you work in, maintaining fitness is important for both the long-term mental and physical health.

Exercise also helps burns off the chemical effects of job stress to help you relax and ease tension. Plus, those endorphins! But, what job requires the most stamina?

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The chicken or the egg? Those sweet endorphins…. Leave your details, so we can take you through our cover and answer your questions obligation free!

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