A Longueuil wish not to be lonely anymore

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Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you. Don't be shy. Feel free to ask for what you want Keep it short, words or less, this is just an initial contact. Remember to double check your return address or your phone if you prefer to be called. Psychology Today does not read or retain your. However, a copy will be sent to you for your records. Please be aware that is not a secure means of communication and spam filters may prevent your from reaching the therapist.

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The therapist should respond to you byalthough we recommend that you follow up with a phone call. If you prefer corresponding via phone, leave your contact. If this is an emergency do not use this form. Call or your nearest hospital. Back Psychology Today.

Therapists Online Therapy More. Treatment Centres Support Groups. Psychoanalytic Therapists near Longueuil, QC. See all counsellors in Longueuil. I see therapy as a collaborative process in which we work to uncover ificant patterns and events that have shaped your life, helping us to better understand your current situation. As connections are made between past and present, you will begin to gain insight and perspective that will help you to experience your life, your relationships and your career in new ways.

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My aim is for you to feel supported, understood and encouraged to learn more about yourself in order to make meaningful changes in your life. Together, we will remove the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward. View. Offers online therapy. There are increasing psychological problems which do not meet traditional psychiatric disorders but concern developmental 'family-of-origin' dynamics, impacting adult functioning-regarding work, intimacy and creativity.

To quote: "At first hood, limitless and free" only to become "Defiance- The child bent becomes the bender". To live in that ". I am here to with that person in the "empty space" so that they can understand themselves and heal. I provide a wide range of psychological interventions always tailored to a patient's needs.

I help patients get their life back on track as I care deeply about their psychological and physical wellbeing. Having a highly sensitive temperament myself, I offer help to those who have identified themselves as highly sensitive and as a result, face issues that are difficult to deal with. My approach, while primarily psychodynamic, includes EMDR, cognitive strategies, schema therapy, mindfulness.

Office is near:. Life has lost its focus and feels heavy with the pressures that face you in a time of pandemic. It might be A Longueuil wish not to be lonely anymore to function at work or at home these may all be the same place now. Perhaps you have lost your job. You want to be able to adjust to the new reality, but you wonder how to manage. In therapy, you get to explore your situation, your emotions, and your hopes for the future in a way that helps you to grow in happiness, wisdom, authenticity, resilience and compassion. Therapy is your place; it's where you can feel safe, understood and never judged.

Navigate this difficult journey with the help of a skilled therapist. Vous l'avez compris, ce travail au coeur de l'humain la passionne et elle s'y sent bien. Des questions vous traversent? Reaching out for help can be hard. It is understandable to want support when dealing with difficult experiences. Deepening our understanding of ourselves and what we have been through can help identify inner wounds and create opportunities for healing, growth and connection with self and others.

As a d psychologist and certified Jungian psychoanalyst, I have had extensive experience with different problematics. Reasons for consulting may be various, but it always le us to confront an unacknowledged part of ourselves, in a word, our own unconscious shadow. Please check personal web site for more details: www.

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Depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, apathy, low self-worth can take over at times and make us feel despairing and helpless. You may need a professional to sit with you and listen carefully to what you are going through, how it started, and how it's affecting your life. Together, we can find what creates the problem and what to do about it now, helping you to use the insight you acquire to make meaningful change. Clinique Dr. Award-winning clinic of psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors in multiple locations, including Brossard. Are you feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

I believe it is important for you to feel comfortable with a therapist who can listen well to you in a caring, nonjudgmental way. My style is respectful, empathic and collaborative in order to help you better understand yourself. I am a licenced clinical psychologist with more than 17 years of experience. I work with individuals and adolescents who have problems such as depression, anxiety, loss and mourning, addiction, self-esteem and relationship problems.

I can help you feel better about yourself, experience more intimacy in your relationships and leave the past behind. I've come to this professional life as a therapist after years as an English instructor ESLa server, and a professional musician. We are looking for direction in our lives and relief from our problems. I know that it requires courage to trust another with your story, but there is so much to be gained from speaking about it.

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Together, we can work to discover a deeper sense and better understanding of who you are as a person. When you're ready, I'll be ready as well and we can work to change your life for the better. Therapy can help people better understand themselves and find greater meaning in their lives. People enter therapy for a wide range of reasons, often involving difficulty solving a problem in their lives on their own.

Some people, for example, are having difficulty in a romantic relationship and wonder how to improve the relationship, or end it. Other people experience conflict or anxiety in a wide range of interpersonal relationships and enter therapy as a means of improving their communication skills and the quality of their relationships.

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I help people in both monogamous and polyamorous relationships. You may be suffering from distressing emotions, anxiety, depression, fatigue, high levels of shame, or other symptoms that have left you feeling disconnected from yourself and others. Many of those I work with also have histories of trauma or grew up in invalidating environments where they were not heard. In therapy, it is often the relationship that heals. I'm here to listen and help you move towards feeling more grounded, creative, and engaged in life. I help my clients by working with them to develop a genuine and meaningful relationship that can unfold, modify and heal the unconscious imprints left by old, negative patterns of relating.

Our work together will explore your experiences, feelings, and imagination, reflecting both a narrative process and also an intuitive one which deepens as we develop understanding through authenticity, sharing, and trust. The psychotherapy I am offering aims to understand the nature of your current difficulties and their underlying conflicts.

The psychothetapetical treatment focuses on unresolved issues or repressed trauma, bringing the latent conflicts to consciousness. Gradually, you are becoming aware of the unconscious aspects of your distress, which eventually allows you to overcome it. I am giving importance to the development of trust and will encourages you to freely express your emotions, thoughts, memories and dreams.

Not accepting new clients. Many of us face times in our lives when we need support to get through difficult periods.

A Longueuil wish not to be lonely anymore

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