Want to get out of the city move in with me

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When I first moved to New York CityI was fascinated by the intersecting subway lines, the striking difference between the percussive rhythm of Chinatown, and the calm in the middle of a field of Prospect Park. I loved the fact that nothing ever seemed to close, and I loved all the crazy people that seemed to be everywhere — I once watched a woman on the subway take out a mouse from her pocket, stroke its back with her index finger, and slip it into a plastic cup inside her purse.

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I felt like I belonged. But after two years, that feeling that I once fell in love with, that elation and exasperation that you get when you make the train by shoving your body between two closing subway doors, was starting to wear on me. Here are nine indications that leaving your city might also be the right move for you:. On March 25, I was feeling a particular distaste for New York. Sometimes, a move to an apartment with more natural sunlight might cure your blues, or discovering a new neighborhood that better matches your vibes is the ticket.

It's the city.

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When it finally occurred to me, what felt like a revelation was actually just common sense: maybe living within my means at this time, I thought, means not living somewhere so expensive. I came to realize what I really needed was a step back and a different perspective. The furniture store that blasted music from a speaker on the sidewalk. The boring and very predictable nightly conjugation from the apartment upstairs.

The construction of the building next door, a hammer pounding on the other side of the wall. The train that runs under your room. Though earplugs are a great alternative to skipping town, I found that the noise was pervasive enough to make me start dreaming of a quieter location. Cities are beautiful: murals in unexpected places, the majesty of the skyline when I rode my bike over the Williamsburg bridge at night. But with garbage for flowers and rats for wildlife, I found myself yearning for more natural beauty — or rather, just exposure to sunlight and clean oxygen.

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If you find yourself yearning for an open sky and stars at night, you might be in the wrong place. My favorite pastime was drinking with friends, and it was draining my spirit, wallet, and energy. Another way to end a recreational rut is to change cities.

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When I found out that I would only be able to find true love via the InternetI enlisted my roommate for assistancewho has kind of a sixth sense about these things. Sorting the crazies from the normals was exhausting, and after three bummer dates I was disheartened.

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It was time for me to go somewhere where meeting people is a little less difficult. Living different places is like a form of deep, extensive travel. Why not get a little lost in the world? By Jane Brendlinger. Here are nine indications that leaving your city might also be the right move for you: 1.

Want to get out of the city move in with me

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Moving to a different city or country can be lonely. Here are some things that helped me cope.