Weekly casual encounters

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Readers are encouraged to submit their own to stories grindr. Picture this: It was my 18th birthday. I triple-checked the lock on my door, slid into bed, pulled the covers up, grabbed my phone and proceeded to Yeah, you heard that right. I downloaded a gay dating app. I was ready to enter the world of what I thought was "gay manhood. Typical Grindr newbie contributing to the stereotypical behavior people complain about on the app.

My search came to a quick end when I woke up to a very pixelated photo of a cropped torso with washboard abs named Jeremy. I thought this was going to be my literal future husband. Don't judge me I was oppressed I got aroused from staring at TJ Maxx catalogs. Little did I know then that Jeremy was not exactly the man of my dreams.

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I was having the time of my life, talking for what felt like years with Jeremy 8 hours in gay time. He knew my favorite color and liked the same genre of movies as I did. I was in love before I had even seen his face. Suddenly, as I was discussing my favorite Sailor Moon episode, he asked me the dreaded question So what does any year-old do? Takes his shirt off and sends a dirty mirror selfie that still haunts him me to this day.

I was getting ready to leave for college in a few months and boy were those final days in the house awkward.

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Spoiler alert: we hooked up A LOT. Needless to say my mother and I are now great and she loves every future husband of mine they basically change every other week. Lol, good times I hooked up with a new guy a few weeks ago and after sex as we stood to get dressed he started telling me about his stressful job at a Hollywood agency. Frankly, he was kind of monologuing in an obnoxious way, but it seemed like he really needed to get some stuff off his chest so I let him go off. In the middle of a story he was telling about his monstrous boss, a nugget of shit dropped out of his ass and landed with a loud plop on the floor.

He paused for a second Weekly casual encounters then kept talking. We never mentioned it, and he kept monologuing until he left. I then swiffered my floor and went to bed. Weird night. Last year I got on Grindr while at work and saw that my co-worker, Chris—who I thought was straight—was online. He oozes sex.

I was super bummed, not just because he ignored me, but also because now I would probably feel awkward at work. I avoided him the rest of the week like the plague, but that Friday, right as I was heading to lunch, Chris came up to me and started asking about my week. I went back to my desk and counted down. My stomach turned over again and again. Four minutes. Three minutes. Two minutes. One minute. I crept over to the supply room and opened the door—Chris was there leaning against a shelf of printer paper.

Chris unzipped and pulled out a semi-erect dick the size of a small nordic country. I must have looked scared.

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He grew bigger inside of me. I could feel it growing down the back of my throat, filling my entire mouth. My eyes watered. I gagged. I gagged and pushed him out, his cock still connected to my mouth by a string of saliva. He filled me again, his cock harder this time. His dick was so big that tears started streaming down my face. Over and over his cock slid in and out of my throat.

I had to swallow three times to get it all down.

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Chris pulled his pants back up. Then he left. Casual Encounters.

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Weekly casual encounters

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