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Inush Kalana, U. Quinn, Meghan C. Literature and Culture. Continental Shelf. Cornier, J. Pallack, Robert J. An Audit Study. Flowers, B. Adrian Virtual Environments for the Induction of Action. Rudnickas, Donald W. House Price Forecasting. Sylvia, R. Tucker, Andrew Robust Spectral Classification. Zelaya-Rincon, Blanca Structural transformations in diluted micellar and lamellar systems.

Adusumalli, Sravani Biotransformation and pharmacokinetic evaluation of PF, a novel drug candidate for alcoholism. Alvarez, Melvin The continuum of beach enclosure: Socioeconomic implications for coastal communities in the Dominican Republic. Benson, Sara Investigating Rhode Island town beaches litter policies.

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Bernstein, Michael A personalized normative feedback text-message intervention to reduce 21st birthday alcohol use and problems. Boccio, Rachel Architectures of captivity: Imagining freedom in antebellum America. Carlson, Alexis The relationship between pre-service benchmarks and student teaching performance. D'Aversa, Nelle Perspectives on emerging monitoring technologies: Understanding factors that affect adoption. Deshpande, Chinmay Healthcare costs and impact of medication adherence on outcomes in patients on novel anticoagulant therapy.

Duball, Chelsea Elizabeth Environmental impacts of oyster aquaculture on the coastal lagoons of southern Rhode Island. Dunn, Hailee K Exploring ways to enhance teens' participation in social media interventions: A formative research study.

Faust, Kyle Aaron Applying the transtheoretical model to problematic digital game use. Ferguson, Sarah Agronomic characteristics of birdsfoot trefoil Lotus corniculatus L. Gravison, Michael An online study of actors, self-promotion, and the personal brand. Jones, Uchenna J School professionals' knowledge and attitudes about child mental health: Child diagnosis, gender, and ethnicity.

Kando, Nathan Testbed for trajectory control of a two-wheeled robot. Kowalsky, Daniel Quantifying behavioral impacts on electric vehicle efficiency. Levine, Rebecca M Interactions of polymers and energetic materials. Li, Xingxing Characterization of cellulose synthesis complexes in Physcomitrella patens. Lobach, Anton Bubble modeling by mixed causal-noncausal autoregressive processes.

Lonngren, Karalyn Effect of birdsfoot trefoil on exsheathment of Haemonchus contortus in rumen fistulated sheep. Lyu, Haifeng Multivariable control of a rolling spider drone. Mason, Irene McIvor Increasing pediatric health care providers' referrals to early intervention services.

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McManus, M. Miao, Haoran Three essays on the impact of information on nonpoint source polluters' behavior. Morley, Peter John Multi threaded pattern searching of large files using limited memory. Motamedi, Sanaz Text driving, senior mobility and automated sidewalk assessment. Paolucci, Andrew James Assessing dynamic soil properties in southern New England using an ecological site framework. Pawar, Ajinkya Antimicrobial resistance patterns and protective effects of statins in bacteremic patients. Ross, Bianca N Assessing hydrology, carbon flux, and soil spatial variability within vernal pool wetlands.

Ruginski, Marissa Christina Associations between nighttime eating and total caloric intake in college-aged students. Salisbury, Bryan Portable wireless measurement and control system. Santos, Claudia Yang Resting-state cardiac workload in preclinical Alzheimer's disease.

Schambach, Lauren A comparison of wave and erosion modeling methods for the year storm in southern Rhode Island. Schrader, Joseph Michael Novel pharmacological action of clozapine at D2 dopamine receptors. Scott, Allie Wesley Investigating and comparing mechanisms of behavior change to prevent smoking acquisition in middle school. Shen, Yuanjun CES involved inhibition and regulation. Szura, Katelyn Ann Impact of chronic nitrogen loading on greenhouse gas fluxes in coastal wetlands. Wallin, Brenton Implementation of moving magnet actuation in very low frequency acoustic transduction.

Wegener, Johanna E Genetic, demographic and ecological factors contributing to the evolution of Anolis lizard populations. Wharton, Kelly N Using advanced technologies to assess deterioration in concrete bridge decks. Superba Antarctic Krill. Yusufov, Miryam Do psychologists help? Assessment and evaluation of an integrative care approach to cancer treatment. Zhang, Bo Investigation of novel electrolyte additives in lithium ion batteries at elevated temperature.

Zou, Chao A study of Chinese consumer preferences for sustainably farmed seafood. Aljutayli, Abdullah Effect of disease state on human carboxylesterase 1 expression and activity. Amin, Daven Risk classification in high dimensional survival models. Ampadu, Gifty Mental health help-seeking behavior of Ghanaian American immigrants. Anderson, Sean Growth, grazing and starvation survival in three heterotrophic dinoflagellate species.

Armstrong, Addie Eva Ruth Degree-limited defective three colorings of planar graphs containing no 4-cycles or 5-cycles. Baird, Grayson Luderman Seizure clusters in patients with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.

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Balcanoff, Jacob Determining gas contents of magmas that produce submarine basaltic balloons eruptions: Foerstner and Socorro Bilgin, Arzu Global dynamics of some discrete dynamical systems with applications. Bockus, Abigail Brittany A study of the regulatory and environmental factors affecting trimethylamine oxide accumulation in marine organisms. Boslett, Andrew J Valuation of unconventional oil and gas development. Brousseau, Sarah Development of aerosol microparticles for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Burton, Katelyn Leigh You are what you eat: Investigating food discourse and digitally-mediated identities.

Campbell, Alolade Oyinlola Hurricane emergency evacuation study for coastal regions of Rhode Island. Capraro, Karen L An explanatory case study of the implementation of co-teaching as a student teaching method. Caron, Zachary Novel catalyst development for chemical sensors. Chapman, Navid Spectroscopic measurements of ionic association in common lithium salts and carbonate electrolytes. Chappell, Kelsi Evaluation of a technology utilizing curriculum on dietary intake.

Chiriboga, Ximena A text message intervention to increase awareness of sexual assault on campus. Cogun, Fuat Multimodal moving target detection and data processing via distributed sensors. Cooper, Jennifer Anne Onsite wastewater treatment systems in a changing climate: Technology robustness and mechanisms. Corbett, Jacqueline Acceptability, short term impacts, and relationships of variables of a processed foods module. Costa, Russell Information geometric probability models in statistical al processing.

Cotton, Brandi Parker Residential mobility and delinquent behaviors in adolescence. Cragan, Jennifer Anne A multi-component evaporation model to determine the onset of crude oil emulsification in seawater. D'Aloisio, Brooke Elise Investigating predictors of academic success in a foundational business mathematics course. Daniels, Jennifer L Synthesis, characterization, and tumor targeting of novel pH sensitive nanoparticles.

Da Silva, Chelsey Leigh The influence of planned physical activity in preschoolers on subsequent energy balance. DeiTos, Kristin Morgan The art of removal: An analysis of deaccessioning in clothing and textile teaching collections.

Denette, Erin Minimal cantor sets: The combinatorial construction of ergodic families and semi-conjugations. Desbonnet, Elise An evaluation of the relationship between application method, concentration, and antimicrobial efficacy of an antimicrobial finish after accelerated laundering. Deshazer, Garron Improved modeling of image-guided thermal ablation procedures towards patientspecific treatment planning applications.

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