New to Chandler area need a little advice

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The marathon, six-month legislative session officially concluded after over 1, pieces of legislation were introduced. As always, water was a prominent topic, with more than 60 individual Read Now. The monsoon season has officially begun.

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Now, as we wait in anticipation of what we hope is ificant rainfall, we need to take the necessary precautions to ensure we remain safe when those Raging wildfires, an unrelenting record-breaking heatwave, and a drying Colorado River have generated ificant concern about our water and our future in the Phoenix metropolitan As another anniversary of the Groundwater Management Act GMA passes, the importance of protecting our groundwater remains the same.

We recognize that the GMA was a monumental piece of As temperatures begin to soar, so will the of wildfires in our State. As our temperatures rise, so does outdoor water use in the Valley. We know the key to maintaining your landscape's health and beauty is watering correctly, but that can be a bit of a challenge Here in the Valley, it is typical that much of our water use occurs outdoors and not inside the home. With such a ificant amount of our water being used outside, it highlights the importance of The terms drought and shortage are routinely used together when talking about Arizona's hot and arid climate.

While both drought and shortage involve a lack of water, their Only tap water delivers public health protection, fire protection, support for our economy, and the quality of life we enjoy. Any measure of a prosperous society — low mortality rates, The health of the Colorado River has been receiving ificant attention with talks of a shortage in Now with the recent release of the United States Bureau of Reclamation's Our current way of living relies heavily upon the availability and reliability of clean water.

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The reality is that without water, we cannot survive, much less thrive. And ensuring we have access to Collaboration among the AMWUA cities in efficiency and strong water management for the common purpose of safeguarding water supplies in the Valley.

With thoughts of spring swirling, now is the perfect time to do some outdoor planning. Arizona celebrated its th birthday on Valentine's Day, which created the perfect opportunity to appreciate where we live, and embrace our State's diversity in landscape New to Chandler area need a little advice weather As we look forward to a new year, we all hope it will bring more certainty than what we encountered in The legislative session is set to begin next month, when State Legislators will take hundreds of bills into consideration to address Statewide priorities such as the COVID pandemic, Many things must be considered when it comes to long-term planning for water supplies in the desert.

One critical component is storing water underground, which is a valuable investment in a A well-deed, desert-adapted landscape is more than just picturesque—it can help lower your water bill, reduce the time and money you spend on maintenance, add value to your home or The topic of water in Arizona has dominated many headlines as of late, and that is a good thing.

That attention means the importance of water is being acknowledged, and valuable conversations are That is why the cities' staffs rigorously test, analyze, and monitor water quality every single day, to ensure We all understand the importance of water in Arizona, but the hydrology, legalities, and water management can be overwhelmingly complicated. So how do we get educated on all the issues and Prolonged drought has become our way of life in Arizona.

After all, we live in a desert, and drought is a regular part of the long-term weather cycle in our arid climate. So it is not a surprise Through this two-part series on safe-yield, we will look back at the past, acknowledge how far we have come, and discuss the challenges we still collectively face as we move forward. As the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Groundwater Management Act GMA wind down, our collective focus now must shift to the future.

We know that the GMA was a monumental piece of As temperatures begin to soar, so do the of wildfires in our State, which is an important reminder that we need to use extreme caution with fires.

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It's also essential to remember With people taking extra precautions and proactively washing their hands more, some may wonder what impact it is having on our water and wastewater. That question does not have a simple answer Arizona residents certainly know the value of water. Yet it is easy to forget the complex process and the extensive team of people it takes to get safe and secure water to our tap. And the With the arrival of April, we celebrate Water Awareness Month, which is Spring has sprung which means it is the perfect time to do some planning in your yard. Life as we know it would be impossible without groundwater.

It is the world's most extracted natural resource, and it supports our ecosystems, which is why we can never take groundwater for Our State Capitol is once again abuzz with Legislators working hard to pass hundreds of bills with the intent to improve our lives and address issues affecting us. Interest groups of all The mission to educate students about water through fun and interactive learning provides an opportunity for youth to be engaged while getting a well-rounded understanding of why water is such a This year we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Groundwater Management Act.

Through this three-part series on groundwater, we will look back at the past, acknowledge how far we have come, And over the course of this year we had the opportunity to share the story of AMWUA, highlighting accomplishments of the innovative This rare occurrence took place at the Salt River So we thought this would be a good time to highlight the array of subject matter that has been addressed over the years. Our planet only has a finite amount of available freshwater. And over the course of time, our water has always moved through a natural cycle of use and New to Chandler area need a little advice.

As we move forward with a better We all want to have a stunning and sustainable desert landscape that transitions our yard into a private retreat, all while ensuring we are wise with our outdoor water use. However, knowing how to When a difficult situation or issue spurs a diverse range of reactions, too often people do their best to dodge the subject or ignore it, like an elephant in the room. It was a celebration of statewide sustainability as Arizona Forward held their Annual Environmental Excellence Awards this past weekend highlighting exemplary projects that have directly impacted Arizona water professionals are always looking for the next big bucket of water for residents and businesses.

However, a new study shows that instead we may need to pursue smaller buckets and As temperatures begin to soar, many people from the Valley of the Sun will be planning getaways up north to the high country.

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While enjoying those cooler temperatures outdoors, it is crucial The bill Innovation in wastewater treatment is right under our nose. Converting waste to energy took a leap into reality last week in Phoenix as Ameresco officially cut the ribbon and unveiled their 91st Water is essential for life.

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It is engrained into our daily lives and is part of almost everything we do. Yet we tend to forget the complex process and the extensive team of people it takes to get Within the next week, the United States Bureau of Reclamation will release a report little-known to those outside the world of water professionals. The report, known as the April Month Study, is In a letter to Congress, the When you live in a place where drought spans multiple decades, every bit of precipitation receives an enthusiastic welcome, but what does that really mean to our drought status, and what effect Later this year, you will have the opportunity to download a free app that will reveal the landscape of the Phoenix Metro area as shaped by the first Sonoran Desert people.

The app will feature a They must take action to make sure this happens by January 31st, the deadline imposed by

New to Chandler area need a little advice

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