Need some hot chocolate

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It is everything hot cocoa should be; Creamy, rich with a great flavor. This homemade hot chocolate is the essence of coming home from a cold day. The leaves have all changed colors and there was a beautiful mist over the mountains. I love fall. So when I was missing hot chocolate I started trying various recipes, mixing and matching until I was happy with the. Now I do not like watery hot chocolate. So I knew it needed to be made with milk. And I already had my Hot Fudge recipe that I loved so I used my understanding about blooming Cocoa to my advantage as I created the final recipe.

Now I make a double batch every week and enjoy a cup on cold mornings. I like to add my Homemade Marshmallows of course — they have this great creamy Need some hot chocolate as they melt. I also tweak this same recipe for my Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe. You can also serve it with fresh whipped cream or my homemade marshmallow fluff or my marshmallow frosting! What do you like with your hot chocolate? Just take me to the Hot Cocoa Recipe already! By boiling the cocoa and water at the beginning your actually Blooming the cocoa.

This breaks up clumps, thickens the liquid and most important releases flavor particles in the powder and in a much richer flavor. This is the reason most chocolate cakes add boiling water to the mixture and why I dissolve my cocoa in boiling water and let it sit for a few mins in my chocolate cake recipe. Need some hot chocolate the cocoa has bloomed and the full flavor has been released now you want to add the rest of your liquid and bring it up to heat. I use whole milk — for me hot chocolate should always be made with milk, not water.

Now you just heat it to the temperature you like to drink your cocoa at. The vanilla is essential for enhancing the flavor and I can always tell if I accidentally forgot it when I taste it. I refrigerate any left overs — but the chocolate and milk does separate after a while so make sure to shake it up or stir it really good before reserving!

Be sure to share on social media and tag me if you make it ashleemariecakes! You can find all my cooking show style recipe videos on YouTubeor my short recipe videos on Facebook Watchor my Facebookor right here on our website with their corresponding recipes. You'll receive updates through AshleeMarie. You can unsubscribe at anytime. It really is terrific! I make it at least 3 times a week now! In fact we just had a batch tonight!

I looked around at the pictures of other things you make. You are truly an artist. I imagine your children clean their plates just to get dessert. What fun. I am going to make a some tonight thank you so much for sharing the recipe! Christmas Eve I made this today and it is awesome. Simple but delicious. Will be my go to hot chocolate for the Grandkids!! I love you Gale. I hope you like it as much as we do!

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I make it a few times a week! Absolutely love this recipe! Thank you so much for the share!! Yummy, this is almost my same go-to hot chocolate recipe. The only addition to mine is a tiny pinch of cinnamon.

How fun! I do like to add stuff to mine, but the base is always the same. Try some pepper, chili or cayenne, sometime! I like toffee, peppermints candy canesother crushed candybars, fun creamers, and sauces hot fudge, caramel, etc… with mine. Ashlee, this was amazing! I made it today and my son-who is a hot chocolate expert-was thrilled! Thanks for the recipe. I LOVE hot chocolate!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

If you have a chance come link up next week at Ladybug Blessings Handmade Tuesdays!

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I miss fall it went from late summer to early winter too soon for me! But Hot Chocolate does make it all better! Is there a way to borrow???? Steal all the recipes you want! I love it when someone likes something I make! Thanks for the recipe! For me about 5 mugs. Just make sure to mix it well before serving as it tends to settle. Looks so tasty! I like to use evaporated milk with mine and I also melt Andes mints in mine toppedtopped with some marshmallows yum. Just found this on Pintrest. We had a very cold day of outside Xmas decorating and we needed hot chocolate. This was perfect and I had all ingredients on hand.

Thanks for posting. I will be making it often this season! It was perfect, and I always have the dry ingredients on hand. I topped it with some homemade whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Thank you! Could this be made with Need some hot chocolate milk instead? I have a friend coming over that is vegan. Hiii love this recipe and the marshmallow recipe too just want to ask how did you melt the marshmallows on top in that way.

Adding to the family recipe book for sure. Mmmmm I like amaretto syrup too like the kind you use in italian sodas but peppermint is def a classic this time of year! This is definitely a recipe worth saving!! She loves it!

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My mom used to make us hot chocolate with our breakfast before school. Eggs, toast and hot chocolate. These days I like — and I know this is odd — popcorn with it. Just eat the popcorn and sip the chocolate. Sometimes I put some in the hot chocolate. It really is good, I promise! I will now never make hot chocolate any other way! This is officially my absolute favorite hot chocolate recipe!! Just Wow! Is that a word. Just asking for your opinion. It more chocolatey than packets but not as chocolatey as a french hot chocolate. Made this around Halloween.

Was so good and everyone raved! Have you made it ahead of time before? Does it reheat well? Love this! Just made this today and really enjoyed it! So much better than packet mixes! I love this recipe! How many cups do you think one batch would make?

I have young cousins coming over and wondered if I would need to make a double batch?? I was skimming Pinterest for a good homemade hot chocolate recipe using ingredients I have around the house. I came across this one and was not disappointed! This was the best hot chocolate. I will never buy packaged hot chocolate again! I added a scoop of peanut butter and let it melt before pouring into my cup and topped it with marshmallows… perfect!

Thanks for sharing!! I rarely want hot chocolate so maybe once a year I use a Need some hot chocolate. Today I desperately wanted some hot chocolate, had no mix, and this recipe popped up. It tastes like a liquid brownie!!! Thank you for this recipe! Tonight was the first night I made this hot cocoa.

I made it and tasted it and thought hmm. Why does this taste off?

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I sat in bed and checked the recipe again. Oh my.

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Forgot the vanilla. Added the vanilla and I cant stop drinking it now! Might have burnt my tongue due to how excited i was and how good it tasted.

Need some hot chocolate

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The world’s BEST Hot Chocolate