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Trans and queer history and art tends to be informally documented, and even culturally ificant works can be transient. Because mainstream publishers, editors and agents have frequently avoided queer narratives and experimental or radical art, many LGBT publications happen through small journals and indie presses, which often struggle with financial stability and longevity. After Alyson Books filed for bankruptcy, Feinberg embarked on a protracted, expensive court battle to recover hir rights to the novel, eventually winning them in This arrangement means that Stone Butch Blues is available for free to anyone with internet access, but it can be difficult for libraries and bookstores to procure copies.

You can find a copy at many of our branch libraries or request a copy through our catalog. If you loved Stone Butch Blueshere are some follow-up re, arranged by theme. Jess then meets and courts a trans woman, who becomes hir partner. Neither of them are legible to the cisgender, straight world around them.

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In many ways, Feinberg stood at the vanguard of a new movement of transgender political identity and solidarity that was taking shape in the s. Feinberg, who lived with Lyme disease and remained working-class hir whole life, emphasizes in Stone Butch Blues how disability and lack of class solidarity with male union members makes Jess's life less survivable, and how solidarity between working queer people makes it more survivable. Class, race, and ability inform experiences of queerness. The following books explore queer working people struggling within capitalism and empire and enabling each other to survive with dignity.

This book makes it clear how trans, lesbian, and gay histories exist where we least expect them, and are often incidentally preserved in medical records, letters, and other marginal documents that may vanish from broader narratives. Moraga and Gloria E. Existence in families of origin is often painful, and many queer and trans people — like Jess — choose to look elsewhere for support. Here are several other titles to check out.

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Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars by Kai Cheng Thom FICTION — a funny, speculative roundhouse kick of a novel, this follows a runaway trans girl who journeys to the big city and starts a girl gang to defend herself and her trans sisters from attack and abuse by police and predators. Also available as an audiobook. Spread between squats, cheap rooms and nonprofit youth space, Lowrey follows a group of teenage lovers and friends, who puzzle over crushes, take hormones and stop taking them, use and misuse BDSM, and feel deeply alienated from wealthier LGBT spaces.

Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg FICTION — a modern trans academic at a pharmaceutical-funded public university, discovers a manuscript that he believes is the diary of eighteenth-century master thief Jack Sheppard, who is actually a trans man--and also, along with his girlfriend Bess, an anti-capitalist revolutionary.

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Part Marxist fantasy, part swashbuckling love story, this book overflows with complicated alliances, queer love, and femme intelligence. Intriguing exploration of arguments about disability, race, class, and the role of small presses in advocating for change. It explores ecological devastation, disability in working-class communities, collective trauma, and queer alienation both at "home" and outside it. Foreword by Susan Stryker. Submitted by Minnie Bruce Pratt not verified on July 14, - pm. With your library card, it's easier than ever to choose from more thane-books on SimplyE, The New York Public Library's free e-reader app.

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Lulu canceled the de format used for SBB suddenly. However, I have the original SBB deer working on a re-format and the book should be available for at-cost print by later in the summer. Please let me know if you got this update!

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Many thanks, Minnie Bruce Pratt. Hi Minnie I'm deeply touched by your thanks! Your work to preserve Leslie's legacy is amazing, and your own writing is also important to me and many others. Thanks for letting us know this link is out of date! Please me at halschrieve nypl.

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Anyone looking for a rock hard butch

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