Upscale lady searching for upscale man

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September 03, 11 min read. Searching for a gift for a friend, family member or coworker can be difficult at times. While you may have a few ideas for the women in your life, we've all been faced with uncertainty when trying to find a present for the men in our lives. When you're having difficulty shopping for a male friend or family member, new clothing is always a possible option.

No matter how many shirts, jackets or shoes a person might own, most guys love a fresh new addition to their wardrobe.

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Clothing does make a great gift, but for some men in your life, not every simple shirt or hat will do. Every guy has their own eye for style, preference of material and standard of quality. We've identified four types of men that you may have trouble finding the right gift for. Allow us to show you just a small sample of our wide array of shirts, pants, shoes, hats and accessories. We know that with the right guidance and advice, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Penner's. Who doesn't have a family member or friend who oozes style no matter what they wear? They're always put together perfectly, regardless of what combination of shirts, pants, hats, shoes and accessories they choose, seemingly without effort.

These guys know how to dress to impress, which means a clothing gift for them must be something that they'll love blending into their eclectic closet. Some guys have style, but other men have something more. We're not talking about the hip trends of today or the up and coming f of tomorrow. You may call it "swagger" and others may call it "style," but it's a quality far more captivating than simple fashion.

It seems to be stitched into the man's lifestyle — tailored to their appearance and personality from their cufflinks and timepiece to their smile and speech. Some men believe that the quality of a product is more valuable than style or fashion.

These gentlemen do appreciate a refined aesthetic, but their focus is on durability. They appreciate the use of reliable materials, skilled craftsmanship and a commitment to producing a final product that will stand the test of time. Gifts for these men may take a little more effort, but it will be something he uses constantly for years to come. Let's face it: we all have a guy in our lives who seems to have everything. They've got the latest and greatest electronics. They've got all the top-of-the-line toys.

They even seem to have tomorrow's must-haves a day early. The moment you find the gift you know they'll love, it's already in their possession. These guys can be easy to shop for, however — as long as you stay one step ahead of their desires. If you're looking for a special gift for the guy in your life, let Penner's help you find exactly what you're looking for.

As a men's specialty shop and guayabera distributor, we've helped our customers pick out the perfect gifts for their friends, family members and coworkers for over a century. We pride ourselves on being the finest family-owned men's clothier in San Antonio, offering the best customer Upscale lady searching for upscale man and free in-store custom tailoring. Our professional staff will guide you through our stunning collection of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Popular in Latin American and Caribbean populations, these shirts are easily identified by their vertical twin stripes and between one and four front pockets. Penner's is known for selling the finest short- and long-sleeve guayabera shirts in all of San Antonio.

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Using materials like Irish linen, cotton, polyester and a poly-cotton blend, these shirts are lightweight and breathable. All of our authentic guayabera shirts were created in Columbia, Panama or Mexico, which makes our selection truly incomparable.

Guayaberas were made to hang off the body slightly to stay loose and cool while still looking presentable. There are many variations of guayabera shirts, each with their own identifiable features. Casual guayaberas are short-sleeved and often have bright colors or festive patterns. The traditional Mexican wedding shirt guayabera is long-sleeved and either plain white, solid colored or slightly embroidered.

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The business guayabera should have at least 12 pleats on either side and it should fit well on the body. The guayabera shirt is a comfortable and stylish piece of clothing that many men enjoy wearing for a of occasions. The possible color, pattern and fit combinations allow it to cater to the unique styles of those who are on the cutting edge of trendiness as well as others who prefer conventional fashion.

The guayabera is one of the most popular items at Penner's and we are percent certain that these shirts are gifts he'll never regret getting. Stop in today and allow us to show you our world-class selection. Shirts and slacks make fantastic gifts, but that doesn't mean you can't shop for other pieces of their wardrobe. High-quality and stylish dress shoes can make any man look like a million bucks. From wingtips and cap toes to tassel loafers and boots, Penner's has a style and size for every set of feet. Browse our great selection of shoes and pair them with a soft pair of socks for a gift that keeps giving with every step.

If you're looking for a pair of amazing-looking and ultra-comfortable shoes you won't find anywhere else, check out our Stacy Penner's line. Created solely for our store, these one-of-a-kind shoes, made by Stacy Adams, are elegant dress shoes that they'll never want to take off.

This line of shoes is made of high-quality leather and is available in an exceptional selection of styles and colors. If your Fashionable Fella loves to flaunt exclusive apparel, they'll race to lace Upscale lady searching for upscale man these remarkable shoes. A man in a class all his own deserves a pair of shoes with the same respect and prestige. Beginning with Millard Fillmore, each subsequent U.

They've produced some of the finest shoes and boots for over a century, providing a gift that's truly a class act. It's no surprise that our Stacy Penner's are so popular — just look at their full collection of quality lifestyle shoes. Stacy Adams dress shoes were deed for the distinguished gentleman who holds quality to a high standard. These fine pieces of footwear come in a classy selection of styles and colors.

Most importantly, they're made with quality materials like kidskin leather, suede, buffalo leather and Upscale lady searching for upscale man print. From the Roaring '20s all the way up until today, Stacy Adams shoes are a gift that stands the test of time.

Shoes should not have to sacrifice quality, style or comfort to retain quality. Thankfully, Rockport shoes are stitched with all three. They've walked in the footsteps of the shoemakers that came before them and took great strides to revolutionize the industry. The Total Motion technology built into every shoe provides comfort, flexibility, stability and durability. With Rockport shoes, you can work and play, run a marathon or sail a boat — whatever your lifestyle calls for, Rockport's quality shoes will help you put your best foot forward.

There's something to be said about a timeless style — it just so happens Florsheim's footwear says it best. Their high-quality craftsmanship can be seen all the way down to the intricate stitching. Though each recent model continues to reflect the trends of today, their hallmark vintage style is evident from heel to toe. He may have a pair of dress shoes, but the guy in your life surely is missing a pair of remarkably crafted shoes that showcases years of heritage in every step.

The Guy Who Has Everything may have everything but a simple pair of dress shoes. Hush Puppies make simplicity stylish by crafting their dress shoes in such a refined yet bold de. Their subtle soles make strong fashion statements.

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Available in both the classic traditional style and rich outspoken colors, a pair of Hush Puppies takes the standard features of footwear and elevates them to the gold standard. If he's the Guy Who Has Everything, then he's surely had a pair of Dockers before — which is exactly why he needs another pair. Dockers are different than other styles of dress shoes. They're versatile footwear that can be worn to the ballet and the banquet.

They'll provide a relaxed fit that keeps you comfortable while standing for a ceremony or sitting through the weekly conference call. Dockers don't compromise on quality, which is why many men find it essential to have more than one pair on hand. Are you trying to think outside the shoebox? If so, then consider surprising him with a pair of stylish, high-quality sandals.

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While some men may have their dress shoes covered, they most certainly don't have a sleek and stylish pair of high-quality sandals resting on their shoe rack. Penner's is proud to carry a great selection of men's dress sandals by renowned shoemakers like Stacy Adams.

These sandals pair perfectly with a guayabera for formal and semi-formal oceanside events. Trust us — not one man in the state of Texas will be disappointed with a new pair of boots. We have a solid selection of Western boots for men of all shoe sizes.

Choose from a great variety of high-quality boots deed by the skilled craftsmen at Ariat, Dan Post, Justin Classic Ropers and Upscale lady searching for upscale man. From work boots to riding boots, if the gift for your guy needs to be something special, a brand-new pair of Western boots will do the trick nicely. There's no need to put your thinking cap on when searching for upscale men's gifts. Penner's selection of hats and caps make great gifts for fashionable guys. Our quality headwear is ideal for men of all styles. The straw and crushable hats offer style and protection for outdoor activities, while our felt hats and classic caps can be worn comfortably inside or outside, day and night.

Browse our inventory and find him a hat that caps off his outfit. Some hats were just made for men of style, and our selection of Pinzano Milan and Stetson straw hats are the perfect gifts for the Fashionable Fella in your life who needs that one final piece to complete his ature style.

Available in cool colors and traditional tones, our straw hats can add some spice to a flavorful style or bring a unique extra touch of class to an already elegant outfit. The brimmed felt hat is as cool as they come, and no company makes it better than Stetson.

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Stetson embodies the American spirit, and their hats are renowned around the world. Our genuine fur felt Stetson dress hats are meant for men with strong character and distinctive style.

Upscale lady searching for upscale man

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Gifts for the Upscale Gentleman