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The second day I was there I got some hot action from a college-aged jock. We were checking each other out after a workout. I hit the s It's secluded, quiet especially after 9 pmso much so that you can hear a car coming long before it passes or pulls into the lot. There's also an extension to the bike The best times are between 8 and 11 pm. Someone's cruising here, wish they'd written a review. The best times are late afternoon and early evening. The entrance is on the left. Park and walk past the covered building along trail.

Follow to left till you hit foot bridges. Will be there l It is still a great place to watch couples go at it, or to occasionally find cock in the woods. Just Sex dating in Bernardston careful of Police try to set you up here.

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Posted Feb 25 I watched a guy, about 19, suck off 5 guys last Saturday afternoon. They all shot in his mouth and I did not see him spit out any of it. What a good cooksucker, not wasting any milk. Make the first right where Route splits off toward Townsend.

I've met a few hung guys here. Take the path that goes up Sex dating in Bernardston the bathhouse. It's more private up there. And a little further down the road same side of the road is a parking area with a changing roo Ashley Falls. Beautiful naked dude just came walking out of the woods when I stopped to take a leak.

He blew me behind the bush in the center of the lot. Wish I'd had th Local cops and troopers patrol the area looking for out of state plates. This can be a good Sex dating in Bernardston. It was great. I received head from a nice blue collar guy then returned the favor! Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 8 It's a great setup for having some fun, especially in the steam room.

Pretty quiet during the day and later at night. Never had a hook up but very open to it. Anyone know if there is some sort of al if someone is interested? At first I wasn't sure if they were looking but I took the chance and batted my cock around a little. One guy was semi-hard but left to shower. The other guy leaned back ful I went on a Wednesday night around and it seemed dead and I was the only one in Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 3 Apparently you have to be fairly patient here, but after a twenty minute wait in the parking lot a fairly handsome man in his early 40s parked next to my Jeep.

After a few looks back and forth, I step Parked next to him and after a few minutes of him obviously stroking and staring I stepped out of my car with a I'll be back! It was absolutely dead, waited in back.

Wish there were some cocks to suck. Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. It seems like the paths into the woods and an area with a picnic table are at the north end of the parking lot beyond the "No Trespassing".

Is there a path? Best times? Not trying to stumble into tourists stopping for a break. Plenty of action in the distant parking lot from the street. A lot of landscaping has taken place this past Summer. Cruise the back side next to the fence. I have gotten tons of action in my rig here; day or night! I was approached and questioned leading to a warning never to be seen there again. He was not a happy guy. Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc.

There will be s to it from Pond Street on the left at the light. The cops now patrolling this area much more often. Is there any place in particular that is best? Walked around and some you guy pulled in but then took off like a sc Even saw some lesbians cruising in the parking lot! A well worn path into the woods and abandoned railroad grade exists as described. In the back right corner is a path into the woods and various trails.

At night most of the action takes place on the railroad tracks no longer in use to the right. I took his tasty load then licked him clean. I can't imagine that they don't check out that spot. I wouldn't go! Usually someone is there or will pull in if they see you. It's not the greatest, but for a quick release it works.

They seem respectful as long as you're not breaking the law in front of their face. But truckers can be real dicks. I had one turn on the interior light, Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 19 Nice place to get some head or fuck so if anyone's interested kik me or go there around 4. Pretty hot and hardly anyone else around. I think you have to catch it on the right day. The guards from the Billerica House of Corrections patrol it diligently. I jacked off two while the third sucked me off. Mornings and evenings are good.

Field Park on D. Take a right and enter the park, following a long road across the park. The cops never go in the paths and basically just cruise Sex dating in Bernardston. Went there yesterday and found this hot young Latino guy told me to bend over. His thick fat uncut cock felt so good.

I don't advise playing in the woods, too many joggers, hikers, kids, etc. Field Park of men who travel there for gay sex. Posted Apr 29 This place is hot for younger guys. I got fucked here yesterday. Within a minute a guy entered and was at a urinal next to me. I noticed him glance over, and the moment he saw I was actually pissing, he zipped u It's a very dirty place as well.

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I wish it would happen more. Look for a campus on the right at third traffic light. Drive to the Mohawk State Forest day use area, going all the way down before parking your car and walking about 5 minutes to the water.

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There are a few parking lots you can park in then follow the trails down to the water. Guaranteed you will find a new horned up guy just ab Park in the small dirt parking lot on the right. What are the best times to go? I met someone one the trail and we were both curious and jerked each other. I will be back. This guy had a great mouth with a bit of stubble. Then h He has to be sixty years old if he is a day.

It's not worth the risk.

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The cops pay close attention to this place as it's become a drug exchange spot for traffickers. Also, someone was murdered here last summer, drug re Posted Jun 18 After seeing two men having sex in the restroom here, a witness wrote down the plate of one of them and reported it. State police later pulled over and arrested the elderly man, chargin Posted Jun 19 Place is active with a lot of truck drivers parking here. Some cock checking out at the urinals. Just beware some guy in a small gold pick up walked in the bath room and started asking why so many It used to be somewhat tasteful with a couple of gloryholes at co I sure miss those.

That's why I stopped going.

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But if there's still action going on I don't know how to go about it.

Sex dating in Bernardston

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