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Native app development is the creation of software programs that run on specific devices and platforms. You can build native apps for desktops, smart TVs, and all kinds of gadgets, the most popular target devices are smartphones. So going forward intonative mobile app development is all about building native apps for Android and iOS devices.

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Learn more and try Raygun Crash Reporting free for 14 days. After installation, you can access each app by tapping its respective icon on the screen of your device. Native app development requires different skills and technologies than mobile website development. You can use the native features of mobile OSs to deliver the user experience and implement the functionalities of your app.

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Mobile apps have two types: native and hybrid apps. At first glance, both have similar features and de but the underlying technology is different. As the name suggests, hybrid apps are a combination of web apps and native mobile apps. You can also them to app stores and users can install them as native Android or iOS applications. The main advantages of hybrid apps are portability and the simplicity of development.

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You only have to write the code once and your hybrid app will run on different operating systems. You can use hybrid frameworks like Ionic and Apache Cordova to create cross-platform hybrid applications. By contrast, native mobile apps have to be written in platform-specific languages such as Java, Swift, or Objective-C.

Native mobile apps can access the built-in features of smartphones such as the camera and microphone by default. Hybrid apps also depend on WebViews to render their user interfaces. WebViews are in-app browsers that allow mobile applications to access and display web content. Although hybrid apps are easier and cheaper to develop, native mobile apps have many benefits, too.

Native mobile apps directly interact with native APIs without depending on middleware such as plugins and WebViews. As there are fewer dependencies, native mobile apps are faster and more responsive than hybrid apps. This is especially important for performance-centric apps like games and graphic-heavy applications.

As Looking for native Mobile mobile apps are developed using native SDKs software development kitstheir UIs look consistent with their platform. This ensures a better user experience, as there are no discrepancies between the OS and app de. Native mobile apps can immediately access the latest iOS or Android features.

Because of their architecture, native mobile apps comply better with app store guidelines. InApple restricted its submission guidelines. Since then, they have begun to reject apps that rely too much on WebViews, such as Ionic View that allowed developers to test their Ionic applications. Google provides you with advanced Android development tools, such as:.

You can create Android apps both on PCs and Macs. When your native Android app is ready, you need to submit it to the Google Play app store where users can download or buy it. So, you need a Mac device to develop native mobile apps for the iOS platform.

They can reject your iOS app for numerous reasons from poor performance to security issues to the lack of valuable content. Many companies lack the skills and resources to build native mobile apps from the ground up. Native app frameworks allowing cross-platform development appeared as a response to this problem. Instead, native app development frameworks allow you to build native components using popular web technologies that they compile to native mobile code.

For instance, you can create React Native apps with React. Whether you create native apps from scratch or use native frameworks like Tabris, end-user monitoring is essential for good user experience. Cutting-edge diagnostic tools have dedicated solutions for each native platform. You only need to add a small library to your Looking for native Mobile and you get notified about every problem your users encounter.

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You can also follow a couple of app monitoring tips to ensure you know about everything that happens to your app, such as:. Well-monitored native mobile apps can greatly help you achieve your business goals. They crash less often, get higher ratings in app stores, and ultimately, lead to happier customers and more downlo. Most recent Product Developer tips Search. Understanding native app development - what you need to know in By Anna Monus Posted Mar 19, 6 min. Solving iOS and Android crashes has never been so easy. Start fixing bugs in minutes.

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Looking for native Mobile

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Understanding native app development - what you need to know in