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It started as a comment that a sex atlas was needed as one of a series of atlases, covering health, social, and political issues, some of which I had written. I had no idea that it would take me Sex personal years to research statistics on sex worldwide or that it would be so difficult. In contrast to health statistics, there is no central depository for global sex information. In most countries there are few sexology institutes or specialists, and only a handful of countries have comprehensive statistics. In some countries laws relating to sex may be disregarded—for example, parental decisions can override the legal minimal age of marriage.

Sex research, where it exists, is usually fertility related rather than sex oriented. Even definitions vary. There is no point planning sex education for 15 year olds if young people are having sex at Yet quantitative data are obviously needed to devise interventions. The provision of and advice on contraception, facilities for treating or preventing AIDS, sex counselling, and arrangements for dealing with sexual abuse, can be deed only on Sex personal basis of epidemiological information.

The most intriguing aspect of my research was why we have sex at all. After all, sexual reproduction in animals started only million years ago. Life on earth got on pretty well for million years before that with asexual reproduction. Biologists came up with a surprising answer: sexual reproduction reduces susceptibility to parasites. Sexual reproduction also creates new variants making extinction less likely through better adaptation to changing environments, and it dilutes disadvantageous genes.

But it takes more time, it uses more energy, and mates may be scarce or uncooperative. Trying to compare human sexual practices with those in the animal kingdom seems impossible. Sex, even among primates, is diverse. Some animals copulate frequently with a large of different partners, while others are monogamous for life. The common key seems to be the survival advantage to offspring offered by different mating patterns, an integral part of the selfish gene theory.

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Human males are lucky in that our social system enables most of them to have sex if they want to. What shocked me was the punitive attitudes towards various aspects Sex personal sex, especially masturbation, extramarital sex, and homosexuality. One of the cruellest examples was reported in Brazil inwhen a Catholic bishop refused to sanction the marriage of a man who was paraplegic because he would not be able to have sexual intercourse and father children. In eight countries, all in the Middle East, homosexuality carries the death penalty. Four countries have the death penalty for adultery: Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, although there have been no recent executions unless other crimes were involved.

More often, it is the family who kill women suspected of adultery.

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Even finding out about sex is often hindered by laws, regulations, and public opposition to sex education in schools, to disseminating sex and family planning information, and to advertising or providing contraceptives. There are sometimes censorship laws governing obscenity. What is the future of sex?

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Sex is increasingly separated from reproduction by test tube babies, surrogate mothers, and cloning. The immediate future will probably be an era of more open attitudes and sexual practices. But this is nothing new.

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History has shown repeated cycles of liberalism and conservatism towards sex. But for the first time new technology Sex personal introduce undreamt of possibilities. The Journal of the British Interplanetary Society devoted a special issue to what colonists will do when they get to the moon. Much of the issue eulogises about the marvellous opportunities for astronomy, but the supreme experience will be sex. In the weaker gravity of a lunar hotel room the sex act will last very much longer, as people's bodies move much more slowly.

And every lover will be six times lighter. Now there's a thought to finish on.

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Sex personal

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