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What if the one asking is a good friend, an old friend… a friend who really ought to know better? The pressure can be unbearable, and saying no can be really hard! I asked 11 of my professional photographer friends to shoot an event for free. Quick question — and honestly, no pressure at all. Trying to get this nailed down as quickly as possible — so if you can do it, let me know ASAP, ok? Here are their answers:. But had she not had that booked, I would have said hey…how long will it take?

Can she pop by for 15 minutes on her way to something else? After I looked at her schedule.

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Again, because we like you… : Or I would have sent Andria if I could. Got to be for a really good cause for me to even consider it. No running around for free for me. Sorry man. The connections created from shooting events often is a huge branding mistake for shooters. But after years of being categorized as a party shooter it was hard to make a move to more deliberate, produced, shoots. Almost have to move to a new town!

People usually only have the capacity to remember you as 1 thing…. While I do appreciate you considering me for this opportunity, I do believe my time and skills are valuable and worth more than the possible exposure that could come from this event. I understand the thought that potential work could present itself from this experience, however at this point in my business I cannot give up my time on speculation, taking away from the time that could be spent marketing directly to my clientele or working on current projects for existing clients.

As an industry professional, you should understand that our time and our talents are the very products that we sell and deserve adequate compensation. If the photos are that important and valuable to the success of the event, then it should be something worth paying for.

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Again, I appreciate the offer and I hope you understand my reasoning for having to decline. Hope you find someone. I feel a little bad about these, because these are total pros with successful careers and busy lives, but they all sort of said yes… because a friend was asking. And this is tricky in any business, really. And sometimes you just say yes. But sometimes you say maybe. Very cool- welcome to the neighborhood! Can you tell me a bit about your event? Nice to hear from you and I hope you have a nice event. Is this a charity event? If so, I may be able to help you out! If you can work up the budget, this could be the highlight of the event and really great for press!

If you are only able to do a small budget, I may be able to get one of my assistants to do a lower rate. At this stage in my career I am very careful about what I shoot for free. As you can imagine I have bills like any other business— studio rent, gear, insurance, employees, etc— and with this overhead it is simply not feasible to shoot without being compensated except in the rarest of situations. So most any other time of year I would have said sure since it was you. But if you need something I would totally do it because you are a friend.

That would be reason enough. Thanks so much for reaching out to us to come photograph your event! Whilst we are currently snowed under with so much work, our commissioned work is a priority right now. With that in mind, Photographer let me handle it you would like, we do have our social booth studio, were we can set up at the event and have a small charge to the customer, whist still being able to connect and covering our costs. If this is this something you would like to discuss further please do give us a call and we can talk about it.

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Whether you actually go to Italy is entirely up to you. Does it really matter?

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Hello and thanks for writing! I will do my best to respond to in a timely manner, but I appreciate your patience greatly if I cannot respond until my return. I mean, I wanted to do it, for the sake of this story. Want to know why? So, at the bottom of theI added this PS to let them and myself off the hook:.

So, the above responses were tempered with the realization that nobody was actually asking them to actually shoot for free. In response, here are a few further thoughts. PS — jerk! Asking me to work for free! I help those who I have a relationship with, or if — you know — the Steelers needed me I might consider it. It also helps that I only specialize in weddings and engagements, so it makes it super easy to say NO, unless someone asked me to shoot their wedding for free.

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