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She was little sister to Henry Van Dyk Jr. On July 25, Carol married Arie de Jong.

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They were blessed with five children. A man who understands that he may know me but that he might not ever understand everything about chaglottesville, we are, after all, built differentlymy natural preference is to be very feminine, to be treated as both a woman and a lady, occassionally like a bad girlbut always with repect and consideration.

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Im a Naaughty chill man, just seeing whats out there. Papers,of William H. Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress.

Learn more. While it Is impossible to obtain official confir mation of this report, owing to the ab sence of President Stickney from the city, it is believed that there is some foundation for the report. To whom the property is to be transferred does not definitely appear, but it is stated that it is presumably to George J. Whether such is the case is not certain, but that the majority of the stock is to come into American hands is generally believed.

Gould May Be Purchaser. Gould is reported to be contem plating some extensive combinations of the railroad systems under his control, and he is reported to have ordered his attorney to make final drafts of the charter for the securities company un der which he is to collect all his rail road properties east of the Mississippi.

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The company will be organized un der Pennsylvania laws, as Mr. Gould believes that by getting a charter in that state he will be in better position to fight the Pennsylvania railroad. The capital named in the charter will be nominal, but there will be a clause authorizing its increase.

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The first move will be to take in the several small ro about Pittsburg, which form the entrance to that city. There will be no underwriting syndicate, as a mere exchange of stock Is contem plated. Big Combinations.

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As soon as the details of this Eastern company have all been announced, the securities company for Western Gould ro will be incorporated. But first, the consent of the Texas legislature is wanted to a consolidation of the Gould properties in that state. This applica tion is now before the legislature.

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It is authoritatively denied that the Goulds aie buying Erie at present, or that they seek control of that road. The companies denied all allegations of violating the law and counsel said the books and traffic agreements were open to the public. Morgan and others Interested would appear if wanted. Spencer said the purchase was "to benefit the lines running out of Chicago. Mor gan as umpire. The rates of the South ern had not been affected by any agreements and business was not done AA'ith a view to pooling. Spencer said that while the t control of the Monon did not affect rates it did affect the volume of busi ness.

Morgan reached an agreement to buy the - shares of stock. Pierpont Morgan said he had noth ing to do with the purchase of theshares except to approve the contract made then. He was never a director of the Southern, but thought his partner, Steele, was. It advised stockholders of the South ern to make no change in the man agement until after the settlement of certain matters which might affect the development of their lines.

The option on the Gates stock was got April 15, and he did not know in August who would buy it. Gates had the stock," said Mr. Morgan, "and operated a pool which controlled it. No one knew r what he was doing. I took the stock away from Gates and put it where it would not hurt the Southern. We found that Mr. When Gates came to us we found he had control ofof the shares.

Mor gan added. I knew the sale to the A. Morgan said, "they could not hold it. They are parallel and competing lines. Morgan said he did not believe that any one intesest owns as much as 5 per cent of Lhe stock of the Southern. Charles Steele, one of Mr. Morgan's partners, was the next witness. It was Mr. Questioned by Mr. Young, Mr. Sleele learned that Mr. Gates had control of a large amount of the stock and sent for him.

Steele said there was a conference and it was thought wise that the road should be in conservative hands. As a result of this conference an agreement was en tered into with him and his associates that a certain amount of stock was to be secured and held.

George F. Baker Testifies as to His Stock Holdings. The principal New York witnesses already examined are Georg-e F. Baker, president of the First Na tional bank, and Samuel Thorn, both large stockholders in the merged cor porations, and members of the board of directors of the Northern Securities company. Baker testified that during he owned stock of the Great Northern, which he held for five years. He had been for some years the owner of sev eral thousand shares of the common stock of the Northern Pacific. He ad mitted that he was regarded as one of the coterie of Great Northern stock holders, which included President Hill, John S.

Kennedy, D. Willis James and others, who habitually co-operated with Mr. Hill in voting their stocks. He said he first heard of the purpose of forming the Northern Securities com pany about thirty days prior to its for mation from President Hill.

He also admitted that he and Mr. Hill had discussed the subject on sev eral occasions, but he could not re member what was said between them. He alluded to the effort that had been made in May by the Union Pacific in terest to get control of the Northern Pacific and finally admitted that he and Mr. Hill's other associates felt that they wanted to get the Northern Pacific and Great Northern stocks placed with some company where the control would remain permanently and where these stocks could not be at tacked by adverse interests.

His con ferences with Mr. Hill were along these lines, and it was expected that the formation of the Northern Se curities as the holding company would accomplish that end. Baker, asked if he assented to the formation of Naughty girl Halltown West Virginia sexy charlottesville woman a company, re plied: "Well, I made no objection. Baker said, he understood the pur pose of the formation of the Northern Securities company to be that the coterie of stockholders which had al ways been able to control the Great Northern should so intrench itself as to be able permanently to control not only the Great Northern, but also, through the majority of the common stock, to control the Northern Pacific.

The witness transferred his Great Northern and Northern Pacific stock to the Securities company soon aftei its formation, Nov. Baker conceded that these topics had been discussed when he and John S. Kennedy and Mr. James and others of the so-called coterie of stockholders were present, but when Naughty girl Halltown West Virginia sexy charlottesville woman to re peat what he or the other gentlemen said on those occasions he replied: "I don't think we did much of the talk ing; we were listeners.

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Hill, himself and the seven or eight associates referred to, had been talked of years ago. On direct examination it was brought out that what Mr. Baker called the sale of his shares to the Northern Securties company was in reality only their ex change for shares of that company's stock at a fixed ratio. When Samuel Thorn, another di rector of the Northern Securities com pany, took the stand he admitted the ownership for years of some 14, shares of Great Northern stock.

He said that he also owned Northern Pa cific stock, which he bought from J. Morgan, inand that he acquired about 6, adidtional shares of North ern Pacific common from J. Mor gan, in Thorn made admis sions substantially similar to those made by Mr. It was brought out that While President George F. Baker Jr. The Pacific Express has issued similar instruction to all of its agents. This is in pursuance of a plan recently decided upon by E. Harriman, of New York. Online: Now. Part i - major battles and campaigns Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U.

Copy link to share does your marriage suck too?. Little sis needed 25 tulare kings county 25 Pierpont Morgan said he had noth ing to do with the purchase of theshares except to approve the contract made then.

Naughty girl Halltown West Virginia sexy charlottesville woman

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