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Want to Read. Rate this book. Pride Don Carthage seeks intrigue Carthage David Anthony Durham. This epic retelling of the legendary Carthaginian military leader's assault Don Carthage seeks intrigue the Roman empire begins in Ancient Spain, where Hannibal Barca sets out with tens of thousands of soldiers and 30 elephants. After conquering the Roman city of Saguntum, Hannibal wages his campaign through the outposts of the empire, shrewdly befriending peoples disillusioned by Rome and, with dazzling tactics, outwitting the opponents who believe the land route he has chosen is impossible.

Yet Hannibal's armies must take brutal losses as they pass through the Pyrenees mountains, forge the Rhone river, and make a winter crossing of the Alps before descending to the great tests at Cannae and Rome itself. David Anthony Durham draws a brilliant and complex Hannibal out of the scant historical record? Whether portraying the deliberations of a general or the calculations of a common soldier, vast multilayered scenes of battle or moments of introspection when loss seems imminent, Durham brings history alive. Historical Fiction. Ancient History.

Military Fiction. Original Title Pride of Carthage. Characters Hamilcar Barca. This edition Format s, Paperback. Published January 3, by Anchor Books. Language English. More details. David Anthony Durham 27 books followers.

He grew up mostly in Maryland, but has spent the last fifteen years on the move, jumping from East to West Coast to the Rocky Mountains, and back and forth to Scotland and France several times. He currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. He's back in New England at the moment. Three of his novels have been optioned for development as feature films. David received an M. He feels like the process makes him exercise a whole new set of creative muscles, and he loves the feeling. Search review text. Displaying 1 - 10 of reviews. Re-Read-Review: Ever get sick of hearing about how great Rome was?

The ro, the aqueducts, the politics, the legislation, the big names, the military Then Hannibal is your man! Most people agree that if someone was gonna dislodge Rome's greedy grip from the Mediterranean relatively early in her rise to power it was gonna be Hannibal.

Whether or not he could have actually have pulled it off still seems to be a matter of debate--but there can be no debating that the Second Punic War was one of the most legendary things to go down in human history. Hannibal's inheritance of the war from his father Hamilcar, his crossing of the Alps and then the series of famous engagements at the Trasimene, Lake Trebia and Cannae, then his slow loss of grip on the situation of the war and his slide into defeat at Zama by the famous Scipio Africanus Was there a Hannibal movie? I can't remember. This tradition must have been a daunting arena for Durham to enter but he did a superb job.

As you can see I had some minor reservations the first time through.

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However, upon a re-read I have to push it to the five stars. I almost never read stuff twice, and to be compelled to is certainly odd and notable for me. I love the characters, the writing and the story and revisiting them was a treat. The end is still utterly heart-wrenching, and I kept randomly thinking about it for a couple days afterwards.

I need to get ahold of Durham's fantasy stuff! I've always held that fantasy and historical fiction have always been sister genres and I think that this book is a good example of it--the big cast, the fantastically huge and scary war I mean, fucking elephants crossing the Alps under horrible hails of snow and rain and the hostile attentions of the indigenous peoples? This is otherworldly stuff!

It's also certainly one of the greatest underdog stories ever--Hannibal was basically going it alone against the strongest military power on the Mediterannean. Even the Carthaginians were at best unsupportive, at worst openly hostile to his cause. Even the nature of the armies underscores this, as the Carthaginian army was often a dangerously understrength pretty ragtag group of people from disparate nationalities and military styles, where as the Roman army was insanely well-manned and pretty homogenous at this point if not at Marian levels.

So get this book if Don Carthage seeks intrigue haven't read it! I can't say enough good stuff about it. Excluding that, I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone with an interest in historical novels, especially if you have any kind of interest in this particular subject. It's a seminal novel for me, and as I probably mentioned in my first review totally sated my appetite for Hannibal fiction, saving me countless dollars on the multi-episodic series that seem to be going on. Thanks, David Anthony Durham! Original Review: This novel covers a period of the Barca family's epic war with the Roman Republic starting around Hannibal's attack on Saguntum and ending shortly after the decisive battle of Zama.

Don Carthage seeks intrigue is the central character although the book has a sizable cast of people all caught up in the war in some way, from members of his family to soldiers and camp followers in his army. The Roman side is also represented in the form of the perspectives of several of the major players like Fabius Maximus and Scipio Africanus. While the novel is obviously from a Carthaginian perspective and will ultimately probably make the reader hoping for an ahistorical Carthaginian victory, the Romans pleasantly weren't rendered as fanged villains, although I was again often confronted with the same shocking prideful stupidity that I encountered from the Romans in The War with Hannibal.

I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed the author's style of writing. It certainly has a rough kind of poetry and unflinching realism in its attention to detail and description.

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There's plenty of bodily fluids and brutal imagery in this story. To state the obvious this was a really painful time to live through and that comes through powerfully. This is anything but a boring historical adventure, this has to be one of the best novels about war and what it does to all parties involved I've read. There's a scene near the end with Hannibal that just reflects all of that so strongly that I'm sure I'm not the only one who was moved by it.

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It really is through the large cast of well-drawn human beings that we learn all this. I mean, it's hard to look at something like Cannae really see the human aspect to it. It's just a faceless event, but with this novel you can glean a little more than that. As for the man himself He's both a warm family man and a conquering force of will. He has a complex moral system; on one hand he feels it's his duty to war against the Romans to check their growing power, which is kind of admirable, but on the other he isn't against putting entire towns to the sword in the service of that duty and almost seems to relish maneuvering thousands of Romans to their deaths.

Durham also does him a favor by painting such a creepy portrait of his general Monomachus Hannibal seems like a soft-spoken hippie compared to that dude. Imagine a giant army of people subsisting on human flesh they capture while rolling around decimating the country That book, man. There seems to be a good deal of Hannibal fiction out there but I'm not sure if I'll ever try Don Carthage seeks intrigue of it; Durham seems to have written what seems like a definitive fictional recreation of the man, as well as many of the people around him.

Anyone who's interested in Hannibal or the Second Punic War should definitely try this; Durham covers the logistics and reality of war with the necessary detail but it never seems like a dull recitation of military engagements, focusing more on character-driven plot rather than that kind of dry stuff. I'm not even sure why I didn't give this five stars--I think I had some pacing issues with it or something.

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Definitely nothing major. Again, anyone interested in the time period or even just an epic underdog story should give this book a try. Heard many great things about this book from friends Are they still alive? Did they survive the battle? Where are they now?

Battle of Cannae was brutal, brilliant strategy by Hannibal against an overconfident foe, who he then proceeds to slaughter in a box The ending Bryn Hammond. Author 8 books followers. Splendid, and straight onto my list of most-admired HFs — and since Hannibal is a real hero of mine, and his story nigh perfect for a novel, high on that list too.

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My only complaint is that I feel sure this book needed to be s, not He is not indulgent. A couple of the Barca brothers or sisters I only came to care about halfway or two-thirds through. This is a good thing. As glorious as Hannibal is.

Don Carthage seeks intrigue

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